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I wrote on 6 July about the poor performance of wired radio.To date nothing has been done.Probably need to write to the ADMINISTRATION.

Lunacharskogo d. 21 подезд4. Wired radio,now six months is disgusting. The applications of coalsales,but no result.

Stupid Manager, an illiterate driver. For information the driver and dispetcherom - map of the city is on the Internet!

The best kindergarten in town! Wonderful teaching staff, consistency of staff, a good emotional atmosphere in the group and in the team as a whole. I am a graduate of this garden(edition 1991), in memory only pleasant memories and funny moments that reminded me and my classmate once. Our 10 group w ...

Disgraceful service, the same ugly repairers,repairing a car so that will not have time to go on the road, it all falls apart,and take as much money as if the new car was collected....in General, a solid ugliness in every sense.....

First time ordering shoes to your child in your store. About the execution of the order promptly, courteously, carefully, quickly. A special thank you for the order! Happy with the purchase! I wish you success!
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About the city of Ozersk

Погода в Озерске, Челябинская область В 02:00 на метеостанции (31 км) было -12.7 °C, ощущается как -20 °C переменная облачность, высокое атмосферное давление, высокая влажность (76%), слабый ветер (4 м/с), дующий с северо-запада. В Озерске сегодня в 11:00 ожидается -10°C, без осадков, легкий ветер.